Now that fall is here, I’m increasingly feeling lonely. I sleep a lot and can’t focus when I work. No matter what I do, everything seems to be lacking. No matter what I do these days, I feel lonely.



As the seasons point away from summer, the daylight hours tend to get shorter and the duration you are exposed to sunlight thus decrease. In reaction to the decrease in light, the body secretes increased doses of the hormone, melatonin, which tends to cause a temporary feeling of loneliness and downed emotions.
There are people who are more sensitive to this change and easily fall into depression.
If you are one of those people, then take this as an opportunity to overcome it.

First, adjust to a lifestyle with a regulated and balanced diet with the necessary nutrition.
A lifestyle with order and regulation will help you keep a rhythm that you can maintain.

Instead of psychologically forcing yourself to fight through the loneliness, you must accept that you are indeed, lonely. When you accept the emotion, you will no longer be controlled by it but will be able to control it.
Many among the famous and great minds of the past had loneliness within them.
Some directed their loneliness to create art; some used the loneliness to ponder into their minds, or to express their loneliness to their surroundings.
You do not need to force a smile to pretend you are okay. If you reach out, you can receive help from those around you.
Take a moment to listen to the advice given to you, and you may discover why you are feeling lonely and it may become an opportunity to change all that.

Self-reflection is also an effective method to overcome loneliness.
Loneliness may come from both happy and unhappy memories of your past, or even from your tendencies.
If you solve the problems of your past through reflecting back on yourself, it will be of tremendous help in overcoming your loneliness.

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