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Why you need to be the owner of your own emotions

Why do we have to be able to take charge of our emotions?

Because when you feel depressed, the emotion bursts and you lash out on other people.


What would you do if you were told by your boss to do something you don’t want to do or even something illegal?

Then if you do those things, what emotions would you feel?



Under those circumstances, the majority of people would feel humiliated and it would be a blow to their pride. Yet they are unable to express their anger and would be like a repressed coil-spring.

This repressed anger ends up erupting on the weak, not on those who are stronger.

If somebody tries to repress us, we need to have the ability to take charge of our emotions, enabling us to overcome them.



For this, we need to self-reflect and track down the roots of our emotions.

Your current state of mind is simply the accumulation from the past.

In other words, everyone can track down the roots of one’s entire mind: sense of humiliation, pride and loneliness, etc. Upon subtracting those roots, you can become the owner of your emotions.



When you confidently become the owner of emotions,

your job is now to take charge of the emotions as the owner of them.

However, when one fails to be the owner of one’s own emotions,

he ends up an imitator of the owner of the emotion, while hitting, criticizing and scolding others.



When you are unable to take charge of your emotions confidently, the harm is inflicted on those you care about most.

Do not be self-conscious no matter what circumstances or relationships you are in, and become the owner of your own emotions!




A secret method to spend a happy day



1. Get in a time machine
2. Return to yesterday and live the same day.
3. Realize the secret to happiness.



What does this mean, you ask?
This is about the main character, Tim, realizing happiness
in the film, ‘About Time.’



Tim, who is capable of time travel, realizes the way to happiness through time travel.



One day, after spending a tiring day,



Tim reverses time back to the past and lives the same day.



Yesterday, he was tired for sure



But, today he was not.
He was happy.
Even in the same situation, he did not find it tough.
He was able to smile composedly.



You could say his composure came from knowing how to live.



When re-living the same life that was lived before, Tim was able to live a life with unshaken minds.



Unshaken composure. This was the secret to happiness that Tim had found.



Like Tim, we too have the ability to reverse time.



This is done through self-reflecting mediation.



If we reflect on how yesterday was spent and how it was lived,



look inside of me to know what kind of happiness I truly want,



then, without repeating the same mistakes,



14. we will become to know how to live in the future



and stable composure will be made.



Everyday of 2016 is important. Self-reflect this Winter.