I feel like everyone around me is performing well except me.
Some of my co-workers are quickly advancing up the ladder and are handling more responsibilities. However for me, I just seem to wander from one department to another without really accomplishing much. Now I just find myself measuring myself against my colleagues and I’m having doubts about my position, my career and I feel as if I’m a joke compared to them.



There are a lot of great people in this world, but even they worry about their flaws and work hard to improve. There are even cases where celebrities, known for their good looks, think very poorly of their own appearances.

The increased responsibilities and higher authority may be a testament to your coworkers’ capabilities but it may actually be a burden to them. Without the adequate preparations and practice, those advances can be of more harm than good.

Once you are prepared, opportunity will find you.
Thoroughly examine yourself to see if you actually want to get your own chance to move up and what your next steps will be once the opportunity arises.

Especially, look back and see if there were any opportunities that came your way and see how you dealt with them. See if you let the opportunities easily slip away, if you actually valued the opportunities, or if you took charge of the chance or not. Also see what attitude you took upon yourself after you lost the opportunity.

If you cannot take charge of the opportunity, the chances that come to you have no meaning.
Even if it’s just that one chance, no matter how small the opportunity, if you cherish it, then it will find you.
You must prepare yourself and become a person that people can come to for help, as that is opportunity.

Importantly, you have a great advantage under your belt. You have experienced working in numerous departments. Depending on the division of the company, they each have their own mindsets and interests. The fact that you have worked at different positions means that you have an understanding of how things run on various levels with varying perspectives. Companies operate on cooperation. Therefore, coming up with a better consensus from diverse perspectives is a valuable asset for career advancement.
You cannot advance to a managerial position without the ability to see these various angles.

If you improve the utilization of your current skill set and improve upon the shortcomings of your past, then opportunities will find you and you will be able to fully take charge of them.

Good luck!

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