“I’m an office worker in my early 30s, worked my way up at the company I work for, and have pretty much settled down. When I first started my work, I had a lot of passion and had areas that I wanted work in. I had so many ideas that I wanted to bring to life that I often found myself living at work. Days have gone by and now that I’ve gotten used to the regime, I find myself asking “Is this the right work for me?” and jobs that I haven’t tried till now start to come to mind. I’m seeing some of my friends quit their jobs to travel or to do something else with their lives. What should I do?



If you are having doubts about your work and you feel like your flame has died out, it may be beneficial take a moment or two to recoup.  At those moments, how about you think about the following?


1. Write down what you think are the most important factors when choosing your line of work.

  • Pay rate, professional achievement, growth potential, job location, etc.


2. Write down what you think is important in your current work life.


3. Now, look at what you have written down and take a moment to think why those things are so important to you.

  • Try considering: what you studied at school, the dreams you had, the meaning of your work, working conditions etc.
  • The most important thing is thinking that you are the most important, that it is your decision.


4. Considering all these things, see what you really want to do and want to head towards.

  • Doesn’t matter if you are doing them now, or if it’s something else.

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