Be Yourself Completely

There was a triangle, a square, and a circle. The triangle and square always thought the circle looked good and were envious. So they started shaving off their own corners. Did the triangle and square succeed in becoming a circle?   The triangle and square could not become circles, but they also ended up unable to be… Continue reading

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Question As I work, I come across many people. But it’s difficult to satisfy everyone. When I draft a business proposal, some departments have complaints while other departments like it. It’s not easy to find a compromise between all the opinions and there are many moves I can’t make because of regulations, but there are times… Continue reading

The Story of Icarus

There may be clear-cut answers in life. But when those answers are hard to find, our minds are left troubled and vexed.   Though many times, there may be definite answers, there are also times that no one can give an answer, and also times when anyone can give an answer.   In Greek mythology, Icarus is… Continue reading

World Scholar’s Online Database ‘Coursera’, Now Lecturing Self-Reflection

Lectures on self-reflection meditation that KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) opened on ‘Coursera’, an online education service system in which one can hear lectures from scholars all over the world, are garnering great interest. This course, which opened last December 7 and continued for 6 weeks until January 17, was called ‘Engineering… Continue reading