As I work, I come across many people. But it’s difficult to satisfy everyone. When I draft a business proposal, some departments have complaints while other departments like it. It’s not easy to find a compromise between all the opinions and there are many moves I can’t make because of regulations, but there are times that I get all the criticism. Although these are proposals for the well-being of the company, people always have something to complain about for every proposal, so I lose self-esteem and don’t know what to do.




Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark said, “Realize that you can’t make everyone happy.”

First, you must admit that no one can satisfy everyone. No one is perfect and can do everything. That’s why it is a company; it is important to have procedures to mediate between different opinions and make them meet and to find ways for everyone to work together. More than anything, you must find yourself. It is possible that the work you do doesn’t suit your personality or isn’t for you. But you should first reflect on yourself about whether your current job is difficult simply because of relations with other people or because of personality. Work is difficult for anyone. But you probably know what you were thrilled and focused on, even though things didn’t happen your way. That is the meaning of life that moves you. Meditation is a process to reflect deeply on yourself to understand yourself. Hopefully, meditation can become an opportunity for you to find yourself. And based on your question, it seems like you are truly positive when trying to make something work. Most people believe that flowing with the given conditions or environment is doing their best, but that is because they value the external environment more than themselves and have given up on themselves. If you take no action, nothing will work out.

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