I am a female who started a corporate job about one year ago. Recently, I became in charge of an important presentation.

Since it’s my first experience, I feel pressured and worried. Please advise me on how to improve presentation skills.




Anyone would feel pressured when giving a presentation for the first time.

I can recall my first presentation experience, and at that time I felt intimidated and I rushed into things.

First of all, I will not discuss the professional level of preparation for work since it is the foundation. Instead I’d like to mention ways to boost your confidence as a woman.

In my past experience, I spent all my time preparing for a business trip so I looked grubby by the time I had to travel, and as a result my confidence level dropped.

After many trials and errors, I now make sure to follow the 9 steps below prior to an important meeting and especially a business trip.

When I look good, I feel confident, and then I can have composure in my mind.



1. New hair

I make sure to take care of my hair at a salon 1-2 weeks prior to a business trip.

A fresh hair cut needs time to look natural and there is nothing that can be done if I don’t like it.

So the first thing I do in order to prepare for a business trip is to get a new haircut and learn how to manage it.


2. Spa Day

I normally visit a spa 1-2 days prior to a business trip to relax my body that has been through a lot from work.

It feels fabulous to step into a hot tub and take a long and deep breath with my eyes closed.


3. Nail Care

I go to a nail salon after I come back from the spa. I normally go the day before the business trip.

I choose a color to match the outfit for the presentation.

The point is that I don’t choose a color that’s too flashy but still bring an interesting balance to my look so I won’t look boring.

I like gel nail and any woman would understand the power of getting her nails done.


4. Pick out an outfit to wear for the presentation

I think about the characteristic of the presentation and pick an outfit accordingly.

First, I go through my closet and find the outfit I like, and if there is nothing to wear I go  shopping.

It takes time to prepare for a presentation so I must finish my shopping in one day.

I also take care of steps number 5 and 6 (below) in one day.

Now that I look back, I purchased many clothes using a business trip as an excuse. Shopping is fun anyways.


5. Prepare one item which will boost my confidence

This item can be a pretty pen, a designer wallet, or cute stationary.

From small things to expensive things, one can choose anything according to the mood.

By carrying that item, one’s confidence will go up, so make sure to choose a favorite item.


6. Prepare a gift for business buyers

I usually give a gift to the buyer after the business meeting is over.

An expensive gift can be overwhelming so I prepare a small but thoughtful gift that reflects my good intentions.

It’s not a gift that anyone can easily find, but I select the gift while considering the buyer’s taste.

I wrap the gift that I picked with sincerity and write a handwritten thank you card.

Then the other person receives my thoughtfulness, not just the gift.


7. Wearing High heels

I normally prefer flats but I always wear high-heels for meetings because it plays a big role to boost a women’s confidence.

My body shape looks better in heels and also my posture is better.

It makes me look like a successful business woman.

I absolutely favor high heels.


8. Smiling in front of a mirror

I smile in front of a mirror right before the presentation starts.

In my mind, I say ‘I can do this!’ as I fix my makeup in the bathroom.

There is an old saying that no one can spit on a smiling face which means people’s hearts open up to bright energy.

If you feel awkward when smiling, I recommend to practice every day in front of a mirror.

I promise you that there will be improvements.


9. Meditation

My last tip is meditation. For one minute or five minutes if I have time, I recall my thoughts of anxiety, fear, burden of success, and stress from past business trips and I throw them away.

Subtraction meditation is truly simple but effective so I always practice this method.

Meditation strengthens the inner energy so when it’s combined with the external preparations that I mentioned above, it creates complete confidence.



When these tips are written out, it may seem like a lot, but these are simple steps to take in daily life. As long as one thoroughly prepares for work and builds one’s own know-hows, the communication and presentation skills will be excellent. I wish you good luck.

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