A special method to resolve your worries!

  1. “I have a lot of work to do” “I had an argument with my husband.”
    Trivial but daily worries. How can I resolve these?
  2.  At UCLA, USA, an interesting experiment took place using the students as the subject.
  3. With the instruction of, ‘Think of a method to resolve daily worries,’ the students were separated into three groups.
  4. The first group did not receive any special instructions.
  5. The second group received instructions to look back the “process where the problem occurred.”
  6. “Think of a situation when your worries started- recall the person that was next to you, the location, the kind of words and actions you did.”
  7. The third group had instructions to concentrate on the future they wanted.
  8. “Imagine that your worries are being resolved. Imagine how assured you will be. Think of the satisfaction you will feel after your worries have been resolved.”
  9. Which group do you think were able to resolve their worries best?
  10. The result was the second group who reflected upon their past.
  11. It was said that recalling back at what happened in the past in detail, was more helpful than imaging the future results.
  12. When the situation was recalled, the reason for the problem was known
  13. As I could reflect upon my action, I strived to change.
  14. What worries did I have today? Close your eyes for a moment and try to recall.
  15. Who do I think of, where was the location when my worries began, what words did I hear and what kind of actions did I do.
  16. If you close your eyes for a moment and self-reflect, maybe you can find the clues for the solution of your worry.
  17. Self-reflect this Winter, Happy Maum Medittioan.
  18. Meditate, Better your life


Reference <Made to Stick>

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