When you work in a company, you hear stories from a lot of people.

I became to think that other people were better than me, and as I carried out tasks following the system, I felt like I was gradually disappearing.

Therefore, I started meditation to spend time for myself.


I did various types of meditation.

All kinds of meditation helped me. However, out of those, I liked self-reflection meditation most.

This was because it allowed me to think and get to know about who I am as a person.


I was able to examine the image of myself at work etc., and the life that I have lived.

Through this, I learnt that I had made a suffocating fence and trapped myself within it.


Self-reflection meditation gave me a chance to find ‘myself.’

I was able to find whatever that was deep inside of me, as well as ruminate about what I wanted.


I have realized who ‘myself’ is,’ and am currently living life according to it.

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