Documents and reports that take days to read, meetings that I must attend, all the work that I’m responsible for… I always thought I was swamped with too much work. I always had a work migraine. After a deep breath, I would look around but all my coworkers were on the same boat.

According to a research, you subjected to 4.2 hours of stress a day on average (Average of 40 Mins on your way to work, 30% or 2.4 hrs on a 8 hour working day, 1 hour of 2.5hrs of alone time ex. having a pint of beer)

When you are subjected to stress for 20% of your day, your own method to manage that stress is crucial.

Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg would often wear the same clothes every day to reduce decisional stress, and would at times take a moment to reset their minds.

Many people drink coffee, take a nap, workout or have a drink.

For me, I mediate. Meditation allows my mind to calm down, increase attention to detail and reduce stress by allowing me to observe, rethink and review stressful situations. I visit the meditation centre or take a moment to look outside the window while in transit to meditate. These moments are extremely helpful for me to organize my mind and reduce stress.

Pause and stop your complicated thoughts. That repetitive life will change.

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