“I’ve been working for this company for three years now. Recently, I was relocated to the main headquarters from anexternal rotation program. Now, I find myself tormented by this senior coworker. He started commenting on my work, now he is picking on me for the way I dress. I know that I am not the best dresser out there, but I don’t see the importance in my style as long as I my work gets done properly. Sigh… now he calls me up separately once a week to pester me with this and that. I have thought about transferring out or even quitting work because of this coworker. What should I do? Any advice would be great.”



I’m not sure if the reason your coworker is pestering you is solely about your clothes but if so, how about touching up on your dress code?
At a place where many people congregate, it may be important on how you present yourself by the way you dress. It may not be about grabbing everyone’s attention by dressing up, but it is important to dress to fit the setting. That’s why it is about the right T(Time), P(Place), O(Occasion).


1. See what kind of clothes are in your wardrobe

  • Is there only one style of clothing?
  • Are there only clothes that I find comfortable?
  • Has it been a while since you last shopped for clothes?
  • Think about your laundry cycles too.

2. Think about how you pick your clothes.

  • Do you wear whatever your parents get you?
  • Do you copy the style on your favorite actors/actresses?
  • Do you buy off the mannequins at the store?

3. Let’s find the clothes that are right for you.

  • Think about the style in how your colleagues dress: on their way to work or during meetings.
  • See how your clothes differ from theirs.
  • Look for the clothing styles of your girlfriend’s or girl friend’s favorite celebrities.
  • Then ask the people around you to which celebrity’s style you would look best in.

4. Now, wear it out!

  • Try on the clothes that you’ve been recommended or from the style of celebrities that suits you best.
  • From those, find the ones that fits your form and are comfortable.
  • Then, from the clothes you picked, ask your girlfriend or girl friend how you look in them.


Voila, now you can find a style outside your wardrobe that you like to wear.

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