I was recently promoted at my office. They hired this new guy to fill in my previous position but he is the worst when it comes to the job. He forgets all the time and his documents are riddled with mistakes. I have cautioned him several times already but his lack of improvement made me sternly discipline the guy. It came to the point where I told my department manager that if he continued, I couldn’t work here any-more. However, recently through a colleague I’ve learned that this new guy is the nephew of someone from the office. To make matters worse, it isn’t just anybody from the office but he is the nephew of my department’s director. Now that I know his “position”, I feel uneasy and nervous for some reason.
Any advice?



That’s quite the situation you’ve got there. Perhaps by this point your director already knows of this situation. I can see that you may run into some trouble when it comes to reporting your future projects to the director. For this matter, you need two things: Action and Reflection.
More specifically:
1. On a notebook or a piece of paper, write down the top 3 mistakes your new co-worker commonly repeats. It could be too many typos, using the wrong forms in reports, or failing to proof read data. From now on never scold or criticize your new co-worker for these three things you wrote down.

2. Instead of scolding, teach him.
If it takes 10 times to learn then 10, if a 100 then a 100 times, teach him. Teaching new workers is the responsibility of the experienced workers. If you take it step by step, certainly you will find improvements on his side.

3. Try to find the reason why your co-worker is inadequate at his job.
By definition novice workers are not experts at their jobs. It may be necessary for the new workers to receive step by step instructions. Perhaps you are too busy to find the time to properly train him.

4. Try to find the tasks your co-worker is good at.
Doesn’t matter how small it may be. If you start finding his merits, your mind about him will start to change as well.

5. Build a relationship
It will be easy to build a relationship if you follow the steps above. Working at an office is not just about logic but it’s about teamwork, and teamwork is formed upon mutual respect and valuing relationships amongst people. If you make your new co-worker a good worker and a good member, then you will automatically have successful teamwork.

6. Last tip
When your team is in a corner, utilize your new co-worker to your advantage. It will definitely bring you good results.

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