Life is about taking the right direction, not speeding up.

One day, there was a mass ‘springbok’ death in Africa.


Springboks are animals that usually form in big flocks of hundreds and graze in the arid grassland in Africa. They are as speedy as 94km/h so cannot be easily hunted by savage beasts, even speedy ones like cheetahs.




But one day, the springboks died off in a mass death.


Scientists have studied their habits and behaviors to understand this phenomenon. They have found a surprising fact from the study.

Springboks are naturally born with great appetites. But since they usually graze in flocks, they face competition. The ones at the back speed up to get ahead of the ones in the front to eat more grass. Then, those in the front speed up even more not to get taken over. In this way, hundreds of Springboks lost their purpose and desperately ran and ran until they fell into a river or fell off a cliff. That’s how they ended up dying in a mass death.


The ‘Springbok Phenomenon’ refers to people who are busily following others blindly, not aware of the direction in their lives.

When you live chasing the lifestyles of others, you sometimes forget your own purpose and direction in life.

Sometimes, your life might seem to go more slowly than others’ or might not be as good as theirs. But you never need to be impatient. You never need to waste your time making meaningless comparisons and feeling bad about them.

Look at nature. There are millions of beautiful flowers. The blooming periods differ from one another but their beauty never changes.


Keep this in mind:

Life is not a matter of speeding up to the destination, but taking the right direction.

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