While working, a good business idea came to mind. It was something that I had always wanted to do, but I’m not sure if I will succeed.

At my current job, I am satisfied and even get bonuses. My family also opposes my business idea.

What should I do?




In cases like this, using the ‘minimax regret’ approach is effective. They say the CEO of also used this approach.
‘Minimax regret’ is thinking about which decision you would regret the least when you are 80 years old.
Will there be less regret at 80 years of age if you do what you want at 30 years old? Or would it be better to continue working at a good job?

What would the bonus you receive now mean to you when you are 80 years old?



To figure this out, you need 2 things.


  1. Find your own answer to “What do I really want?”
    If you reflect on yourself carefully, you will be able to find the answer to this question.
    You can find what you are happiest doing and what the fundamental thing that you want is when you reflect on the life you have lived.
  2. Your attitude is important.
    If you decide to give something a try, do not be fazed by the many feelings that may bring—fear, loneliness, insecurity, etc.—and just push through. If you cannot focus on what you have decided to do, you will be left with regret and without results.




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