I am a guy who meditates.

Meditation has become the motivation for my daily routine.

I started meditation so that I could just have my own time, and also to rest.


Before meditation, I couldn’t relax when I was trying to rest.

Even after working all day, I would still think about work when I was about to go to sleep at night.

Well, that didn’t mean I was such a hard worker, however I would constantly replay episodes at work, or think about jobs that hadn’t been completed: to-do lists, and any unresolved projects.

This pattern of my mind would make me stay up at night or even if I slept, I was far from having quality sleep.

I had too much to do and felt exhausted. I would take some days off and go on vacation, but it still was never easy to recover from my mind.



People would tell me to rest, but I realized it was not something that had to do with the physical relaxation.

As I was meditating, I realized that it was my mind that had to be figured out.

Meditation enabled me to organize what was going on in my work life.

Through meditation, I was able to sort out and let go of to-do lists, should’ve done lists, and my thoughts and emotions about my relationships with people.


When you are at work, you become self-conscious of others’ opinions.

Since I was getting so much feedback from my superiors, colleagues, and other associates, I was getting lost in what I really needed to do and what I wanted.

Work was getting more difficult and I was not happy.


For me, meditation was the process of seeking answers-

the process of focusing on my inner voice and figuring out what I want.

Thanks to meditation, now I can sleep better, and I can focus better at work.


Written by MAX


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