Fall into loneliness

Question Now that fall is here, I’m increasingly feeling lonely. I sleep a lot and can’t focus when I work. No matter what I do, everything seems to be lacking. No matter what I do these days, I feel lonely.   Answer As the seasons point away from summer, the daylight hours tend to get… Continue reading

A Dreamless Wanderer

Question “I’m an office worker in my early 30s, worked my way up at the company I work for, and have pretty much settled down. When I first started my work, I had a lot of passion and had areas that I wanted work in. I had so many ideas that I wanted to bring to life… Continue reading

Emotional Labor with Worries

Question “I have a job that requires my smile. For that, a lot of people think I am always happy. But in truth, that is not the case at all. Especially these days I have no motivation for anything and my migraines have gotten worse” Answer Often workers, especially those in the service industry, are… Continue reading

Coworker Who Hates my Wardrobe

Question “I’ve been working for this company for three years now. Recently, I was relocated to the main headquarters from anexternal rotation program. Now, I find myself tormented by this senior coworker. He started commenting on my work, now he is picking on me for the way I dress. I know that I am not… Continue reading

Too Much in My Head

Documents and reports that take days to read, meetings that I must attend, all the work that I’m responsible for… I always thought I was swamped with too much work. I always had a work migraine. After a deep breath, I would look around but all my coworkers were on the same boat. According to… Continue reading